At Songbird Juice Co. we believe in the power of plants. Mother Nature gifted us this nourishing food and we should enjoy it! A mom of two little girls, Marty knows that it’s important that what we are consuming tastes delicious while still offering an abundance of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. That’s why she has her own personal research and development team! Currently age 3 and 1, Trudy and Rio make sure to taste test and give their seal of approval to all of the juice recipes that make it onto our menu.  Toddler approved, means adults should drink them too (and we have far fewer excuses).


A Personal Note

I was raised in Rose Hill, Ks and my fondest memories are those I spent planting, nurturing and harvesting the food from my grandfather’s garden. It was his pride and joy, he made sure to plant every variety of vegetable he could fit into his small plot, extending it year after year until it nearly took over trees. From a grapevine on the South end, to tall corn stalks, trailing watermelon vines and my own personal strawberry patch, we always had access to fresh food we could feel good about.

Songbird Juice Co. was inspired by my experiences growing up and also my love for nutrient rich food. As a busy mom of 2, I understand how important it is to have easy access to food that makes you feel good without the hassle or mess. Each recipe is made with a need in mind. When you enter our cafe, we want to know how you are feeling. I love to see people step out of their comfort zones and try new things. To see children smile when they drink a juice that is so loaded with nutrients that a parent can’t help but feel like they’ve won a battle (parents, I’m certain you know this feeling well ). A surprised look on customer’s faces when they sample and fall in love with something they thought they would never like brings so much joy to my life and I am grateful beyond words for this opportunity.

Love yourself. Love your health. Change your life.


Peace. Love. #JuiceWichita


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