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Everyone Welcome

Going through my adolescence and into my early adult life, it has become clear to me that there are two kinds of people in this world. Those who have changed their life, and those who don’t think they can. Of course, some circumstances contribute to these perceptions of capability, but the two types of people are distinguishable, and where one falls makes all the difference. The human experience is one of growth and adaptation. These are inhibited by change yet conceptualizing the reality that we hold power as the individuals in charge of our lives is so difficult. Knowing you can change your life, can be the most significant change in your life.

I started to think critically about this misunderstanding of the human experience when I started to take an interest in holistic health. This was a game-changer for me because it was the first time I saw the importance of spirituality and love of self being discussed as it relates to overall health. Reframing the idea of “health” from simply being free of illness to this multifaceted mind-body-soul connection is an ongoing and interesting journey, but it has been my first step in becoming that first type of person. For me, being illness-free didn’t feel preventative or purposeful enough. Reconstructing my perception of health gives me a sense of control. Thinking holistically has given me empowerment in my decision-making, which makes the pursuit of nutrition and health less monotonous and more rewarding.

Everybody wants to make positive changes in their lives, whether it be career changes, nutritional goals, spiritual goals, etc. Some factors play into these changes that are out of individual control. Drawing from my experiences at Songbird gives me a different perspective on this, though. Our customers reinforce the reality that change begins when you give yourself the power in your life.

For me, giving myself the power comes down to believing that I can make positive changes in my life. People don’t realize how malleable their lives and plans are. I think this part takes a lot of unlearning. There are components of the human experience that are worth redefining, and everyone can do that. We’ve been given this false idea that we are supposed to take our lives insanely seriously! We’re supposed to follow the timeline and trust in the “truths” about what success is and looks like. For me, success is health; and health has become everything. It’s happiness, it’s peace, it’s the freedom of life, it’s nurture, it’s nourishment, it’s self-awareness, and it’s an educational journey.  

The power in our experience gets overshadowed by the things we are taught to prioritize, and we are convinced that these changes are reserved for only the strong-willed or the courageous. Everyone is eligible to make positive changes in their life. Everyone is welcome! For Songbird, this often begins as empowerment through curiosity. We get so many questions about the benefits our products have because people want to reframe nutrition and its contribution to their health. Questioning the toolkit we’ve been given and the “fixes” we’ve been sold jumpstarts this process through unlearning. There’s no step-by-step tutorial on how to unlearn decades of messaging as intense as what we’ve been given, but knowing you can, changes everything. 

Being a part of the team at Songbird has allowed me to meet people at every point of this journey. We see people trying our products for the first time, we see people who have used nutrition to completely change their lives, we see people who come to us for community, and those who just happen to like açaí bowls. Though they may be coming for different purposes, or Songbird may play a different role in each of their lives, there is a commonality throughout them all: they are welcome to begin this journey.

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