Are Smoothies Good for You?

Smoothies are a tasty treat and can be a good meal replacement. However, not all of these blended beverages are created the same. When you're looking for a smoothie to help meet nutritional needs there are some things you should consider—including the ingredients.

Why are ingredients important?

Some businesses might blend together ingredients that are highly processed and high in sugar or salt. We've even seen some products that are basically ice cream shakes labeled as smoothies! And while those kinds of products might taste good, they aren't good for you.

High-quality ingredients make all the difference in the nutritional value of your smoothie. At Songbird Juice Co. we use clean ingredients and we are REAL Food Certified which means that we use organic ingredients, plant-based oils, and whole grains. This means that every smoothie we make is real food—not processed or containing extra sugars.

What are the benefits of drinking smoothies?

Most people don't get enough fruits and vegetables into their diets. In fact, according to the CDC, nine out of 10 American adults and children don't eat enough fruit and veggies. A lack of proper nutrition or poor diet quality can lead to a variety of health issues including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Adults or children who have a hard time getting enough plants in their diet could use smoothies as an efficient way to get in the daily servings of these important vitamins and nutrients.

Plant-based smoothies are also rich in fiber which is good for your gut health. Most Americans don't get enough fiber in their diets so a smoothie for breakfast or lunch could be a great way to increase the fiber in your diet. Fruits rich in fiber include berries (strawberries and raspberries), bananas, apples (including the skin), mangoes, and guava. Dark-colored vegetables are also packed with fiber. Veggies including carrots, beets, spinach, swiss chard, and purple cabbage are just a few of the vegetables you can consume for more fiber and that go well in a smoothie.

If you'd like to try one of our smoothies you can stop by our Riverside location or check out our online menu.

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